Seems like hexagons are appearing absolutely everywhere these days!  It’s such a great geometric alternative to a stripe or chevron, and so many fabric designers are using them in prints or even creating what looks like a cheater print made up of hexagons.  And of course, hexagons are beautifully sewn into pillows, quilts, and everything else you can imagine.

Sewing hexagons can be a little daunting, but don’t worry!  Here’s a no sew fabric hexagon project!  This hexagon clock by Owen’s Olivia on Ucreate looks easy-peasy.  I like the idea of making this for my craft and sewing room.  But then, if I have a way of telling time in there, then I’ll have no more excuses for spending hours on end lost in my fabric stacks! (yes, it’s sort of like why you’ll never see a clock in a casino in Vegas, it’s a place you want to lose time at!)


Hexagon Clock Tutorial from Ucreate

Hexagon Clock Tutorial from Ucreate


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