Sewing with knit fabric doesn’t have to be scary.   There are some tips and tricks that can make the process much easier.  I’ve gathered some of these helpful hints for you.

tips for sewing with knits

Tips for Sewing with Knits


knit fabric at Fabricworm

knit fabric at Fabricworm

Pre-shrink your fabric– wash and dry according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  Then let your fabric rest.  This will make sure your fabric is not misshapen when it comes time to cut

Use the right sewing needles and pins – ballpoint pins and needles have a rounded tip that pushes through the loops of knit fabric rather than piercing the fabric like regular needles and pins used for woven fabric.

Use a rotary cutter – a rotary cutter and mat will help keep you from stretching or pulling the fabric with scissors

knit fabric at Pink Castle Fabric

knit fabric at Pink Castle Fabric

Use polyester thread – a good quality polyester thread is better than cotton which will not stretch and cause seams to pop

Use a zig zag stitch instead of a straight stitch – you want your stitch to move and stretch with your fabric and a narrow zig zag will give you the stretch you need.

Finishing seams – in many cases, especially with jersey knits, you can get away without finishing the seams because they will not ravel.


If you want to become the queen of sewing with knits, then visit Sew4Home where they have teamed up with to create a very comprehensive guide for you!

Oh Baby! with Sewing with Knits

sewing with knits sew4home



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