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I spotted these pretty poufs made from Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric on the cover of DIY magazine months ago (or whenever that was that it came!  Seems like months ago)  I came across the same photo today on BHG.com and noticed that they include a link to a free pouf sewing pattern!

bhg poufs



See them?  Way over in the corner?  With poufs making their appearance all over the decorating world today, it’s hard not to want to include one of these ultra versatile pieces somewhere in your home.   Foot rest, extra seat, put a tray on it and it becomes an ottoman.  I’ll bet it would make a nice thing to have around a baby as well.  I remember draping my son over one of those huge exercise balls, but with a flatter bottom this one won’t roll anywhere.  Great tummy time! (don’t walk away from them!)  Or when they are pulling themselves up, it’s soft and round making it much better than a coffee table with hard corners.  Here’s a close up:


amy butler fabric pouf


Click HERE to go to the pouf sewing pattern!

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One Response to A decorating essential…free pouf sewing pattern!

  1. What a fun way to update the living room! How long did this take you?