I love Sandi Henderson.  Love.  Love.  Love.  I am sitting with one ear tuned to the washing machine down the hall because even as we speak I have several Secret Garden prints in a prewash cycle.  When my package arrived today I wasn’t at all surprised to find this fabric is even more pretty in person.  And so soft.  I know because I couldn’t stop petting it.

I hated to have to choose only a few prints and not all of them.  41 prints in this collection!  Sandi, you’re killing me!  I managed pick out 7, and all from the Sunset Garden colorway.  As the name suggests, this group is meant to represent the warm glow of a garden at sunset.

secrect garden sunset

Sandi describes the Tea Time Garden palette as “colors that invoke an early afternoon tea party after a morning summer rain when the moss is starting to grow between the cobblestone..”


tea time garden


Midnight Garden speaks to the quiet, calm, shadowed colors of the night.


midnight garden


I know it will only be a matter of time before I buy more!

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