Helplessness and powerlessness are 2 of the most depressing human conditions, especially when we see so many people in need of our help.  Lives and homes destroyed at nature’s hands.  But we are not helpless.


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Though many of us, myself included, would pack up in a heartbeat and run to help, that’s not always possible.  But we can all help in some way.


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Right now I am asking that any fabric or pattern shop owner, designer, or company who would be willing to donate a gift certificate for a raffle to benefit the Red Cross disaster relief fund, please contact me.  Depending on your response (and so far I’ve had some quite generous feedback) there will be one, two, or maybe three raffle prizes to all readers who donate to the Red Cross.

This is the planning stages only, and I’m hoping to have the raffle up and ready in just a day or so at most.  These people need our help.  Please consider donating a gift certificate to your shop or store.  It will be a welcomed relief to turn away from the harsh, political battles raging across the nation and focus instead on what brings us together as a nation.

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Once I have gathered together everyone interested in taking part of the relief raffle, I will give more instructions on how the raffle will work.  In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

christie.fabricshopper [!at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you for your interest and generosity!


One Response to Plea for FABRIC & PATTERN designers/shop owners to donate prizes for raffle benefiting Red Cross Relief

  1. I have sent you all my links and my personal email address for you to contact me. I am in NJ and power has been restored in my area. I would love to help and I will pass this along. Let me know if I can help.