As I sit back and look around my house now that the last of the Christmas decorations are safely packed away, the cool chill of January seems to make me shiver all the more.  The absence of warm, bright colors and sparkly holiday lights leave me wanting feeling a little depressed.  So when I set off to find inspiration for this week’s article, I was looking for rooms drenched with color.

However, as I looked around something else seemed to pique my interest.  Gray.

I know what you are thinking, “gray? how could gray ever feel warm and cozy? it’s dull, cold, and lifeless!”  One look at this array of inspirational rooms taken from an article on decorating with gray from tells another story.

gray inspirational room decor

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Gray is a perfect neutral and it comes in many, many shades.  Charcoal, pewter, slate, silver, steel, even taupe are just a few.  Gray can be cool or warm, depending upon the hues used to create it.  It can be used as a jumping off point for other brighter, more saturated colors.  Mixing shades of gray with textures and patterns create interest.  You can easily use it to create a look that’s soft or striking, airy or cozy, rustic or elegant.

Gray has found it’s way into many recent fabric collections.  Impressions by Ty Pennington is a perfect example of how mixing grays and other neutrals with bright colors makes an interesting, vibrant, and beautiful decorating scheme.  He has created quilting cotton and home decor weight lines for Westminster Fabrics.

impressions by ty pennington

impressions home decor

Find Impressions by Ty Pennington at:

Fat Quarter Shop

Wondrous Woven Fabrics

Fashionable Fabrics

Lola Pink Fabrics

Hawthorne Threads

Contemporary Cloth (coming soon)

Venezie Designs (coming soon)

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One Response to Recreate the look ~ the grays of winter

  1. Suzanne says:

    Love those shades of gray. It’s such a cooling, calm color. Love it! I hadn’t seen this collection yet. Love the lime green with the gray — so classic looking.