I haven’t learned to be a real quilter yet ~ perhaps I am just not ready for the discipline of cutting exact pieces and  putting them in an exact order.  I admire the detail work so much and I know some day I will cross over to the “quilting” side of life.

Random Acts of Patchwork

Random Acts of Patchwork

I do however enjoy random acts of patchwork! In my day job of making pretty skirts for women of all shapes and sizes, I have a lot of smaller squares and circles of material left. Over time I have ended up with bins and bins of pretty good size pieces that are being saved for the day I begin to quilt.








Vagabond Hobo Skirt

Vagabond Hobo Skirt

In the meantime, when I get in a mood to put bit and pieces together, I do two things ~ The first is to cut blocks of a particular width sew them into a strip and them sew the strips together ( first photo ) but in a totally random way just to make enough yardage that I can make a skirt out of it. I don’t even pay attention to what goes where from the preselected pile of blocks, strips and slivers.


The next way I use my scraps is hobo piecing directly on a backer skirt that I cut out of muslin (pre-washed, of course). I just start sewing my scraps on the backer skirt one at a time sometimes overlapping but never finishing the edges. I add small bits of rick rack or a piece of ruffle where I see fit. This feels more like making a collage but I have yet to try to make a picture just a pretty color story.

After I have all the patches sewn on and all the muslin covered. I sew wavy lines around and around starting at the bottom and ending at the top.  The hem is finished with the serger moving the edge slightly to produce another wavy line and finish of the waistband in a normal way.  I’ve made several of these and wore them all winter long. It’s just like wearing a quilt ~ comfy and warm :-)

I’ve now washed it many, many times and the frayed edges are my friends. I have come quite in touch with my hippy/bohemian side and I enjoy knowing that some ladies will love my skirt when I walk by and other’s will turn up their noses at the crazy old lady  ~ LOL ~ rosie


11 Responses to Random Acts of Patchwork

  1. Julie says:

    LOVE the skirt. In fact I’m heading to the fabric store to get some supplies!!!

  2. Grace says:

    my goodness these are such gorgeous skirts!
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  3. Kris :) says:

    Fabulous Rosie “love that skirt” :)
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  4. carol says:


  5. erica says:

    LOVE this skirt, One of the prettiest I have seen. I have seen these go in designer stores for well over $100. and none this pretty. What are you using for a waistband? Spandex?

  6. Cathy A. says:

    So pretty!! And you know, you don’t really need to be that exact for a lot of quilts to turn out fine. I think quilting is easier than garment sewing…I’m sure you’d make great quilts!
    Cathy A.´s last blog post ..O-o-h- Honey Child

  7. I love this skirt! It looks so comfy and like I’d want to be sitting in a green meadow reading a book while sipping wine and eating cheese! :)

  8. Colleen says:

    I adore the vagabond skirt. It is simply beautiful in every way. I’d love to make one for myself!

    • rosie says:

      Hey Colleen ~ Just cut out a skirt you love in muslin and ten started sewing away with your scraps. It’s really very therapeutic! ~rosie

  9. Oh, those are so gorgeous! Love them!!
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