Valentine Sewing Projects


It isn’t too late for a few fabric! Valentine Sewing Projects!  And if you’ve already run out of time, book mark these little pretties for next year.  Valentine’s Day is one I tend to miss, although I am wearing my Valentine Heart Jamberry Nail Wraps!  I remember being young and making a huge deal out of the day.  Things seem to change after almost 15 years of marriage and one extremely intense child!

What do you do for Valentines Day?  But be fair and let us know how long you’ve been together!  Does it get easier once the kids are out of the house and it’s just the 2 of you again?  Our night will probably be a blast with some kind of take out after putting the not so little one to bed after supper.  Oh well!  Live, life, love!


Heart Softies from Make It and Love It

Heart Softies from Make It and Love It


Easy Valentine Bags from One Lucky Day

Easy Valentine Bags from One Lucky Day


Love is In the Air from My Lovely Life

Love is In the Air from My Lovely Life


Love You Bookmark from MmmCrafts

Love You Bookmark from MmmCrafts


Valentine Fabric Envelope from Craft o Maniac

Valentine Fabric Envelope from Craft o Maniac


Mason Jar from Moorea Seal

Mason Jar from Moorea Seal



I decided that before I post a inspiration collage I would tell you what I’ve really been up to recently that’s kept me away from being the blogger I want to be.  Maybe I need 2 blogs, but I need to spread the word to anyone who will listen.

My son was born with this face and it stuck for years…7 years to be exact.


This next series of photos, though it is an example the story of our live of every activity we’ve ever done with him until now, is kinda comical if you look at them in sequence.  My poor frustrated guy.






My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome before he started kindergarten.  He is brilliant.  Smarter than me, most of the time.  There’s nothing he can’t do.  Some of it was a relief because up until then he was one of THE most difficult children and I was barely hanging on by a thread.  We never bonded when he was a baby and I didn’t know why.  They said he’d have problems in school, but thankfully he had awesome teachers in K and 1st who really understood him and were extremely loving and patient with him.  Then 2nd grade came like a thunderstorm, and the homework focus got worse and worse.

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 9.27.56 AM

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 9.28.11 AM

At school he was beyond hyperactive and impulsive.  He was beyond difficult at home, always was, melted down all the time, responded to NO discipline, anger outbursts at adults, aggression, removal from his normal bus for a special needs bus, calls from the principal every day from Thanksgiving week until 2 weeks ago,  and most days I just wanted to run away.

I can’t express to you the fear, the hurt, the anger, and the anger toward God because I felt he gave me something we would never be equipped to handle.  The depression became so bad I couldn’t blog, I couldn’t function, every ounce of energy was going toward surviving.  I think I cried every day from Thanksgiving until a week ago.

I spoke to a Christian therapist (because that is really important to me) and she recommended that he have blood work done to test foods that might be exacerbating his moods.  We already knew he had a sensitivity to wheat and gluten, and artificial colors may as well be satan in disguise to torment parents.  Functional nutrition is what it’s called.  Sensitive foods pass through into the blood stream, cause an immune response and inflammation, can build up to toxic levels in the brain, and cause symptoms to be worse.  There’s more to it, you may want to Google it.

It turns out that not only does he have a wheat issue but he has a dairy, potato, and oat sensitivity too.  Not an allergy, that’s different.  He had been eating cheese and yogurt by the truckload to help get protein into his system to maintain blood sugar levels and have snacks.  After all, goldfish crackers, pretzels, anything with color, and the like were not an option.  We took him off dairy immediately.


I HAVE A BRAND NEW KID!!!!  It’s costing me a lot more to find and buy coconut and almond milk yogurt, dairy free cheese, get him to drink coconut or almond milk.  We drove 2 hours just to go to a Wegmans to buy the things he needs.  I was never going to be that parent.

8 years of struggling, crying (me that is) frustration, hating being a parent because I blamed everything on me (I was a K teacher after all before he came along) and it was food that was making him a monster.  He is clear headed, focused, doesn’t fight, can sit still, is kind, is helpful, is loving.  It’s a blessing from God.  And so worth it.  I would do anything for my child.


Look at this!!  Look at the focus!






Doctors do not tell you these things, mostly because the techniques and tests are fairly new.  Doctors aren’t just throwing meds at the symptoms because parents can’t deal with the behavior and hyperactivity, the FDA is allowing us to eat foods that are banned in other countriesBut it’s now my life’s mission to spread the word.  The additives, hormones, chemicals, colors…they are hurting our kids’ behavior more than you know.

If you have a child that has behavioral issues and you have tried everything, please, for your sanity sake and theirs, look into this.  You won’t regret it. 








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Rounding up some of The Fabric Shopper’s favorite Valentine Tutorials just in case you are feeling crafty and want to whip up something with fabric!

Valentine Tutorials


Sewn Valentine tutorials


Valentines DayTowel

Valentines Day Towel from Schlosser Design Blog


Valentine Sewing Tutorials


forever valentines

tutorial from Free Spirit and Westminster Fibers


valentine tutorials

Valentine Throw Pillow by Amy Smart


Valentine Treat Bag by Our Scoop

Valentine Treat Bag by Our Scoop



Did you know that Fashionable Fabrics will soon be known and Bunbury?

Here’s a great selection of adorable Valentine prints that you can find in their shop.  Lots of reds, pinks, hearts, and love letters for your Valentine sewing projects!  And great prices as always!


Valentine Fabric

Stop by and check out all the possibilities!

Mix It Up Monday aims to help you coordinate fabrics from multiple collections to take the guess work out of your fabric selections.  I hope this week’s bundle inspires your next project!

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