How many of you are under a deep freeze right now?  This bundle created by Fabricworm not only can remind us that the spring will come soon in all its blushing pinks and tender greens, but I chose to feature this bundle today because I feel like it’s been a recurring metaphor for my life.

Right now, under the snow, under the earth, in dark, growth lies in wait.  Protected by nourishing mud underground from the cold, harsh elements it just waits.  And when the storms have passed and the damaging cold are gone, when there is just enough warmth, that growth will be gently called to the surface, growing slowing, until it blooms forth in its greatest beauty.  And everyone who sees it will appreciate just how beautiful it is.

Sometimes life is a bulb or a seed just waiting in the dark.  We want to spring to the surface in bright beauty but God just says “Wait…wait a little longer…It might seem dark now, it might seem muddy and messy and like you are in the pit, but I am preparing a time for you.  Soon you will be sending down roots and I will call forth your sprouts and grow you into truly what you were meant to be.  When the time is safe, when the conditions are right, you will be all you were created to be.”

No, I don’t normally glean this much inspiration from a fabric bundle, but I wanted to share some of my deep thoughts with you this morning.



Here’s what’s in this week’s bundle:

Denyse Schmidt, Ansonia, Fine Stripe Mushroom
Dear Stella, Flirt, Polka Dot Blush
Riley Blake, Roots & Wings, Stripe Coral
Japanese Import, Foxes Magenta
Cosmo Textiles, Floral Kitty Pastel
Art Gallery, Cleta, Translate Nero
Robert Kaufman, Studio Stash Yarn Dyes, Plaid Aloe
Marcus Fabrics, Lattice Green
Windham Fabrics, Oh Clementine, Stripe Green
Art Gallery, Squared Elements, Seafoam

Mix It Up Monday aims to help you coordinate fabrics from multiple collections to take the guess work out of your fabric selections.  I hope this week’s bundle inspires your next project!

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 Today’s quilting post comes from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works!  She has a video tutorial for us about how to get perfect curves…well…at least the sewing kind of curves!

Piecing a Curve

Hello Everyone,A few years ago when I was training to become a Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor, I was taught a way to piece curves, by Judy, that is just amazing!  If you have taken a class from me, I teach it this way and you will get perfect curves every time.  From a Drunkard’s Path to a Double Wedding Ring, the sky is the limit!Watch this short little video tutorial to see what the fuss is about and then give it a try yourself.  You will never want to do a curve another way again!I hope you enjoyed the video and will give it a try!  Let me know what you think!  Happy Sewing!We carry all the supplies for what you saw in the video, just click here.

Until Next Time… 

Jackie Kunkel


Today’s guest post comes from the lovely Long Ladies at Marie Madeline Studio.  Their super sweet  taste when it comes to fabric prints and pattern design is easily recognized.  They have created some amazing things in their studio and this ironing board cover is just a small sample.  I’m happy to have them share their tutorial with you!

Ironing Board Cover Tutorial



We use our iron + ironing board a lot. We mean. A lot. So it’s no wonder that after three + years we needed a new one! (We’re too embarrassed to show you a picture of the old one. Really. You could hardly tell what it was made of!)

Mommy and Abi got together and in an afternoon whipped up this new ironing board cover. They took step by step pictures. Measurements will depend entirely on your own special ironing board. Ours is old and dips (just a little bit) in the middle, so we needed extra padding. We’ll explain more below!

So — are you ready??!

Ironing Board cover {a tutorial}

1. Choose your fabrics! Fun! Since our ironing board sits by the one red wall in our studio, we wanted to have red in our cover to make our board pop. (Mommy’s favorite color choice.)

2. Cut and arrange your patches. This can be one of the most enjoyable parts, so have fun mixing and matching your favorite pieces! You’ll want it to be 6″ to 8″ bigger than your ironing board (so that you have several inches left-over on all sides of your board).

What you’ll Need:


Putting it Together!

1. Layer sheet, batting, and patched top. Use large safety pins to pin it together.

2. Sew through all layers. We chose one of our favorite (and sturdy) stitches on Mommy’s machine.

3. Lay your ironing board face down on top of your Insul-Fleece. Use a permanant marker to draw the shape of your board onto the fleece. (NOTE! if your board is not like ours (dipped), than you are more than welcome to skip the batting when your quilting your cover. Use the Insul-Fleece in place of the batting. We’re also hoping that once we wear this cover out we can replace it and the insul-fleece will still be good).

4. Our Insul-Fleece was shorter than our board, so we pieced it.

(Continuing) 4. Pieced.

5. Cut out the board shape and lay the Insul-Fleece right on the board!

6. Lay your ironing board face down on top of your patched top and prepare to cut around the board shape.  Be careful to leave several extra inches all the way around the board!!!! Do a finishing stitch (we did a zigzag stitch) around the edge of your cover after you’ve cut out the board shape.

7. Working from the top of your cover and at the middle back-end, fold back a little end of the raw end of the extra wide double fold bias tape. Sew on at 1/4″.

(Showing) 7. See?

8. Finish sewing on the bias tape just like you started. Do not overlap the pieces, but only meet them up together.

9. Fold the bias tape completely over to the back. Stitch in place.

10. Use a large safety pin to run your 1/4″ elastic through your “casing”. We cut approximantly 122″ of elastic because this was the measurement around the under side of our ironing board.  We ended up cutting plenty of elastic off, but we want you to have plenty too. Put your smashingly adorable cover onto your board and pull and tug, working the gathers to fit around your board. After your elastic is just perfect, knot and knot your elastic ends. Cut off extra elastic. (And save the rest of another project!)

11. Grab your Scotch Gard and head outside! Follow the instructions on the bottle. (We gave ours plenty of spray-layers.)

(continued) 11. Cute dog not required. (But helpful.)

And your ironing board cover is finished!!!!!

Let us know what you think!  And happy ironing.

xoxo  Kristie & Abi (for all)


The Fat Quarter Shop is with us today sharing their Layers of Charm Quilt Pattern, for free!  I hope you enjoy what Kimberley has to offer and get to use up your layer cakes and charm packs!

Layers of Charm: Free Quilt Pattern with Fat Quarter Shop

Hi everyone! We’re excited to show our newest Shortcut Quilt of 2015, Layers of Charm! This pattern is a great way to use up those layer cakes and charm packs that you have laying around in your sewing room, and it’s very quick and easy with no pre-cutting!

Kimberly created her Layers of Charm quilt with the Mistletoe Lane Layer Cake by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics and Natural Bella Solid charm pack.

Layers of Charm in the Whitewashed Cottage collection and a White Bella Solids charm pack

Layers of Charm quilt in the Country Orchard collection and a Natural Bella Solids charm pack


Layers of Charm quilt in the Mistletoe Lane collection and a Natural Bella Solids charm pack
If you’re ready to get started, download the Layers of Charm pattern, pick up your favorite charm pack and layer cake, and watch Kimberly’s tutorial on how to piece the quilt!
For for Layers of Charm fun, be sure to check out all of the projects our bloggy friends made! We guarantee that you will love them as much as we do!
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I’m a sucker for pink, especially when thinking about Valentines Day flowers.  Pink roses, pink tulips, pink peonies…yes, yes, and yes!  Here’s a little coordinated fabric bundle put together by Shabby Fabrics called Fresh Pinks!  They are blushingly sweet!




Here’s what’s in this week’s bundle:


Mix It Up Monday aims to help you coordinate fabrics from multiple collections to take the guess work out of your fabric selections.  I hope this week’s bundle inspires your next project!


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