My heart sits heavy today for reasons I wish I could share.  2 days until the beginning of December and I so wish I could share my heartache with you my friends.  But I trust, and I have faith, and it will all be over soon.  God willing.

I am asking for your help with today’s post.  I would like you to share your favorite sewing or crafting projects for Christmas or the holidays.  What are your “go-to” gifts?  Do you seek new challenges or stick with what you are comfortable?  My fear would be to bite off more than I could chew and not finish in time, lol.  Do you try to hand-make for everyone on your list (I’d bet some of you are that motivated!)  Or are there some people for whom no matter how hard you try you can’t come up with a single sewing idea (like my husband!)  Or do you stick with projects like decor only?

What do you make?  Tell us!



9 Responses to Only one question for you today

  1. CJ says:

    Sorry you are going through something difficult. {{hugs}}
    I ‘like’ to make something for everyone on my family list – sometimes that is just 3 or 4. The guys are the most difficult of course. I do like to make the boys fleece pants (they use for lounging or hunting or under their ski/snowmobile pants) or some flannel lounge pants. My boys can’t buy these off the rack because they are 6’7″ snf 6’8″ and most of that is LEG! My son did ask for a camera strap last year and I also made little drawstring/padded bags for his lenses. Now my daughter…I could sew for her all ding dong day! Now that she is married even MORE fun! Clothes, aprons, table runners, placemats, purses, tablet cover, headbands, mug rugs!

  2. Julie says:

    I like table runners wrapped around something consummable.

    I hope that whatever has you down gets better soon. Saying a prayer for you my friend.

  3. Barbara Kugler says:

    This year I am making place-mats for my sister, knitted wash cloths, and completing sewing projects that my daughter bought the materials for but has not had the time to do. I also frequently sew pot holders for gifts.

    Best Wishes for an end to the heart ache.

  4. Rosie says:


    Dressing up plain flannels and terry cloth to make pretty hand towels for bath, laundry, or kitchen are always quick presents that use up little bits of designer cottons and make the recipients feel as special as they truly are!
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  5. Pat V. says:

    I pretty much never get around to handmade for Christmas! Even baking cookies is a stretch. I’d really like to whip up some holiday mug rugs…

    Sending prayers your way…

  6. Norma says:

    God bless you and give your heart peace!!
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  7. Alisa says:

    I’ve made pot holders, table runners, pouches, covered notebooks, quilts, a coat (for my daughter), pyjamas, doll dresses.

    Hope all is okay with you!
    Alisa´s last blog post ..Organized Chaos

  8. Belinda says:

    One of my favorite, go to gifts is pillow cases. They’re great fro any occasion, but are especially fun for kids & adults at Christmas. Zippered pouches & clutches are always great – can’t have too many of those. Aprons, tea towels & pot holders are also great. Guys are hard, but manly mug rugs & pot holders made from plaid flannel have worked for me.
    Hugs & prayers for you during this time of heart ache!