Do you live in an area that sees the changing of the seasons?  My husband and I have talked about places we’d like to live because so many months of snow really begins to wear on you and the dead of winter often causes depressive feelings.  But the one thing that I don’t ever think I could give up is living somewhere that I can watch the seasons change.  You can keep the sub zero winters and the sweltering summers, but there is nothing more beautiful to me than the spring and fall.  This Seventh Heaven bundle by Shabby Fabrics is full of the rich, warm golden yellows of fall.  When I look in my back yard that are so many trees in the wooded area that look just like this beautiful palette created by nature!


Mix It Up Monday aims to help you coordinate fabrics from multiple collections to take the guess work out of your fabric selections.  I hope this week’s bundle inspires your next project!
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