Randi from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics has put together prints from multiple collections in a bright and citrusy palette that may also appeal to all the crafters out there.  I love the scissors prints!

Here’s what’s included in this lovely bundle:

Half Moon Modern–Big Leaf in Lime
Kona Buttercup
Half Moon Modern–Scissors in Tangerine
Outfoxed–Jewels in Light Pink
Half Moon Modern–Little Leaf in Lime
Half Moon Modern–Little Dot in Sunshine
Tailor Made–Scissors in Cream
Outfoxed–Jewels in Orange

Mix It Up Monday aims to help you coordinate fabrics from multiple collections to take the guess work out of your fabric selections.  Great for quilters! I hope this week’s bundle inspires your next project!

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2 Responses to Mix It Up Monday ~ citrus crush

  1. I love this combination! So bright and fresh on a snowy day here in Colorado.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I love ordering from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. The fabrics always come pristine and packaged beautifully! This citrus combination is gorgeous and makes me yearn for summer!