Tips and Tricks for Mistakes!

Mistakes! If there’s a mistake to be made, I’ve done it!  Sometimes I manage to find my way out of basic mistakes (and not so basic ones) without ever knowing how I did it or how I got into the mess in the first place!  I’ve searched the manual on my machine, searched to see if there were missing directions in a pattern or just instructions that the writer assumed I should know….which I don’t!

Well Itch to Stitch has a nice list of 10 mistakes that people often make when sewing apparel.  It’s extremely informative, and I recommend reading before you sew your next garment!

Now I just need a list of mistakes for when you are simply trying to sew a straight line!

Anyone have a list like that?


10 Mistakes by Kennis Wong for Itch to Stitch

10 Mistakes by Kennis Wong for Itch to Stitch



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