Milk Glass Oranizer from Missouri Star

Milk Glass Organizer from Missouri Star

A milk glass sewing organizer for your scissors and pins! I have one of these milk glass candy dishes and I’ve never known what to do with it! It’s too pretty to get rid of, but somewhat impractical to display. Look how the scissors are placed in the holes and the pins are in the middle! Mine has a lid. I’m sure I wouldn’t end up keeping it there, but what a great idea! Do you have a collection of milk glass you can put to use in your sewing room? What creative ideas can you come up with?

Milk glass is so inexpensive if you go to a thrift shop like Goodwill or the Salvation Army (at least that’s the stores we have around here).  With my white sewing room walls, black open shelving, and blue curtain, I’m thinking the milk glass will be a perfect addition and really add some class.  And I will pull out or go shopping for functional pieces too!



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