I’d be willing to bet that when most of us were hoping for something other than election and campaign drama strewn across our televisions, the last thing we wanted or expected was a hurricane super storm.  While the devastation continues to be assessed, it is at least encouraging to see government officials reach across the aisle and work together for the one purpose for which they are actually there…the American people.

Another group that comes together in times of need is our wonderful crafting, sewing, fabric community.  A few days ago I sent out a request for any possible donations so that we might be able to raise funds for the Red Cross disaster relief to help rebuild what has been destroyed by Sandy.


Your generosity is overwhelming.



I have been able to divide up the donations into 4 super prize packs!  Here’s the fantastic raffle prizes thus far.  There have been a few more people who have expressed interest in donating, so I may have to make a 5th!








Prize 4


Prize #5


Prize #6


Lots of patterns to lots of winners from Minick and Simpson!

Wow, right??


How to enter…

1. Go to the American Red Cross website

2. Click Donate Now and make your donation

3. Look for the transaction number on the receipt

4. In the comments section below, enter your transaction number

5. You get one “raffle ticket” per $10 donation.  After your transaction # please let me know how many “raffle tickets” you should receive. 


Here’s my example, part of my receipt when I was testing where the numbers were located (top left). This donation (if I counted) would be worth one raffle ticket)



Because I want to give as many people as possible a chance to donate to disaster relief, and because I want to allow anyone else to come forward who wanted to participate by donating a prize, I have no end date as of right now.  I will edit this part of this post as soon as the end date is decided upon.


I am hoping all of you will compassionately give to the disaster relief fund, and hopefully win some great fabric and patterns in the process!



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133 Responses to American Red Cross Relief Raffle – Mend Sandy’s Destruction

  1. annmarie says:

    I purchased 3 raffle tickets. Transaction Number: ON392391936 Thanks so much for organizing this – great cause.

    If anyone is interested in doing more, they are collecting quilts over at

  2. Joey Price says:

    Thanks so much for doing this! I purchased two tickets (20$) and the transaction number is ON391867063.

  3. Heidi K says:

    My transaction number is ON391817464. I purchased 2 tickets ($20).

  4. Ellen M. says:

    Thank you for organizing this. I purchased 2 tickets ($20.00).
    Transaction number ON391778011

  5. Tracey Wirth says:

    I donated this in honor of my girlfriends father who recently passed. Thanks to all for doing this.
    I purchased 10 tickets (a total of 100.00)
    Transaction number ON391709311

    You don’t need the tax number right?