I’d be willing to bet that when most of us were hoping for something other than election and campaign drama strewn across our televisions, the last thing we wanted or expected was a hurricane super storm.  While the devastation continues to be assessed, it is at least encouraging to see government officials reach across the aisle and work together for the one purpose for which they are actually there…the American people.

Another group that comes together in times of need is our wonderful crafting, sewing, fabric community.  A few days ago I sent out a request for any possible donations so that we might be able to raise funds for the Red Cross disaster relief to help rebuild what has been destroyed by Sandy.

Your generosity is overwhelming.


I have been able to divide up the donations into 4 super prize packs!  Here’s the fantastic raffle prizes thus far.  There have been a few more people who have expressed interest in donating, so I may have to make a 5th!







Prize 4


Prize #5


Prize #6


Lots of patterns to lots of winners from Minick and Simpson!

Wow, right??


How to enter…

1. Go to the American Red Cross website

2. Click Donate Now and make your donation

3. Look for the transaction number on the receipt

4. In the comments section below, enter your transaction number

5. You get one “raffle ticket” per $10 donation.  After your transaction # please let me know how many “raffle tickets” you should receive. 


Here’s my example, part of my receipt when I was testing where the numbers were located (top left). This donation (if I counted) would be worth one raffle ticket)



Because I want to give as many people as possible a chance to donate to disaster relief, and because I want to allow anyone else to come forward who wanted to participate by donating a prize, I have no end date as of right now.  I will edit this part of this post as soon as the end date is decided upon.


I am hoping all of you will compassionately give to the disaster relief fund, and hopefully win some great fabric and patterns in the process!



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133 Responses to American Red Cross Relief Raffle – Mend Sandy’s Destruction

  1. annmarie says:

    I purchased 3 raffle tickets. Transaction Number: ON392391936 Thanks so much for organizing this – great cause.

    If anyone is interested in doing more, they are collecting quilts over at

  2. Joey Price says:

    Thanks so much for doing this! I purchased two tickets (20$) and the transaction number is ON391867063.

  3. Heidi K says:

    My transaction number is ON391817464. I purchased 2 tickets ($20).

  4. Ellen M. says:

    Thank you for organizing this. I purchased 2 tickets ($20.00).
    Transaction number ON391778011

  5. Tracey Wirth says:

    I donated this in honor of my girlfriends father who recently passed. Thanks to all for doing this.
    I purchased 10 tickets (a total of 100.00)
    Transaction number ON391709311

    You don’t need the tax number right?

  6. Leah Corsover says:

    3 entries for me, please! This is a wonderful idea…

    Transaction # ON390573469

  7. Jennifer R says:

    5 tickets
    Awesome idea! Cheers to you.

  8. anne says:

    Thanks for organizing something that helps those in need and brings our wonderful community together.

    transaction# ONLNO459272
    raffle tickets: 2

  9. Colleen says:

    Thanks for putting this together. Details for Transaction Number ON389710136 $100.00 (10 tickets)

  10. Sara A says:

    I could just do $10, so put me down for one ticket. Hope to be able to do more, and on a regular basis. Thank you!!

  11. Sara says:

    Please put me down for 2 tickets. My transaction number is #ON388308325. Glad to help!

  12. Michelle says:

    Thanks for doing this. All your time and effort is so greatly appreciated. Just moved from the east coast this summer and I wish I was able to come back to help with the clean up.
    My transaction # ON388342540 (6 raffle tickets)

  13. Linda L says:

    My transaction # is ON388277125.
    Put me down for 10 tickets ($100)

    Thanks for organizing this.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I donated $40. Transaction number is ON387844523.
    Thanks for doing this – I know it is a ton of work, but what a great response!

  15. ~Michelle~ says:

    Transaction #ON387433503
    Put me down for 2 tickets!
    Is there anyone who is maintaining a big list of quilt drives for the Sandy victims??

  16. Lisa Mortell says:

    Transaction Number ON381044233 – 20 raffle tickets
    I donated $200.00
    I live in Seattle and we never have anything like this so God bless everyone who has had such great loss.

  17. Janet says:

    What a wonderful thing to do! ut me down for 10! My transaction number is ON386891053.

  18. Sarah M says:

    What a great way to raise funds and awareness. I donated $50. Transaction number ON386646486. I live on the Gulf Coast and have evacuated for two hurricanes, and my neighborhood has been spared both times only to the devastation of other. The Red Cross does very good work.

  19. Lisa McGriff says:

    What an awesome prize list! Thanks for the opportunity to help. Put me down for one ticket.

  20. Michelle Pomfrey says:

    5 raffle tickets
    Thank you for doing this!!!

  21. Lauren Welsh says:

    5 tickets please for ON386571113

  22. Jade nocella says:

    1 ticket please. On38650121

  23. Joan says:

    I donated $10 – ON386297362

  24. Cristen Grove says:

    I donated $20
    Transaction #ON386293223

    So very sweet of you to use your blog to raise money for the victims of the hurricane!

  25. Caitlin T. says:

    Thank you so much for organizing this! My husband and I donated $20. ON385856025 saltyoat at gmail dot com

  26. Jon R says:

    I donated to the red cross through iTunes – 1 entry, please! The order ID that came on my confirmation email is MHD739SK6F.

  27. Heather K says:

    I donated $10 Thanks for organizing this. I have friends in NJ that luckily came out ok but their neighbors have massive damages.

    Transaction #ON386224536

  28. cheryl says:

    I donated $20 thank you for rallying us!

  29. Beth says:

    I donated $50.00.
    Transaction #: ON385820697
    5 raffle tickets.

    Thank you!

  30. Nancy Moore says:

    I posted a link to your site from my blog, hoping that every little bit helps, great that you are organizing this for those in need. My donation #ON382008767

    thanks so much,

  31. transaction # ON385791053

    I gave $20.00

    We have family on the East Coast. Thanks so much for all you are doing!

  32. Beth M says:

    Trans. #171041184861 One ticket. I wish I could do more. What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  33. dawn hoge says:

    Transaction #ON385048117
    $10 donated wish I could do more

  34. Pat V. says:

    This is sweet of you to offer these prizes. Thanks for encouraging folks to donate. I grew up in NJ; the roof blew off my high school!
    Transaction #ON385163663, 25 raffle tix for me.

  35. donna altieri says:

    I donated $20.00,
    transaction #on384985481
    we have a lot of family in New Jersey and Penn but all are safe. thanks for doing this!
    we live in florida and have never had hurricane damage (thank goodness).

  36. sandyb says:

    I just made my donation in the amount of $20.00

    Transation #ON384765754 2 entries

    Thank you so much for setting this in motion.

    My daughter lives on the coast in CT. She is fortunate to be unharmed but she has seen so many people without.

  37. Nancy Gilliam says:

    Thanks for putting this together and thanks to all the sponsors for their terrific contributions. I donated $100 – ON384667018

  38. Addie says:

    Thank you for promoting disaster relief! It is something we are all affected by at one time or another. I still remember when I volunteered as a college student for flood relief in St. Louis. Seeing and working alongside those whose homes were destroyed had a profound positive effect on me. I donated $10 just now: Transaction Number ON384641521. Thanks too for all the shops who donated prizes. I have my eye on the organic fabric, such a treasure.

  39. Sumi says:

    I just made my donation ~ $50 (5 tickets).

    Thank you for organizing this!

    Transaction #ON384347852

  40. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this. My parents live on Brignatine island and thankfully just minimal damage from what they’ve seen so far. This is a wonderful incentive for everyone to donate. I donated $10 last night via text during the concert where they said all monies would go to Sandy relief and no other disasters but they don’t give a receipt number and $20 on the Red Cross website Receipt # ON384295133.
    Thank you!

  41. Sharon says:

    I just sent $100 to the Salvation Army and directed it to a Staten Island zip code. Here was their email to me since I don’t have an id number from the red cross. You can pick the zip code where you want your money to go to, so it’s great we can direct funds specifically to the NE at this time.

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you for your gift which will enable The Salvation Army to carry out its mission to serve suffering humanity. Your gift details are listed below.

    Name: S Tucker
    Address: *** Peace Arch Ct
    Blaine, WA 98230
    Amount: $100.00
    Date: 11/3/2012
    Card Type: Visa

  42. Kelly says:

    Hurricane Sandy has affected countless numbers of people. We could easily be in their shoes today. My American Red Cross transaction# is: ON384253622
    $100 – 10 raffle tickets

  43. Becky Greene says:

    Transaction Number – ON384183380
    Raffle Tickets – 3

    Wish it could have been 100 times that much – I am in PA just over the border from NY and even our area is affected. No school for a week. Massive power outages, huge gas lines. If WalMart is closed – you know it is rough! Prayers going out to all those suffering!

  44. Lynn says:

    As a Red Cross volunteer, leaving in about two hours to report to an assignment in New York, I can’t say how much it warms my heart too see my own fiber community of sewists, knitters and the like reaching out to help like this! You are all such wonderful people!

    • Christie says:

      God be with you and those who have the ability to go to the front and help first hand. Prayers with you!

  45. Nancy Connors says:

    This was a great idea

    I gave $250.00
    # ON383838139
    25 tickets

    ps. Weather channel us matching donations up to 1 million $

  46. CJ says:

    Transaction #ON383900299 15 raffle tickets for me.
    Thanks for organizing this.

  47. Tammy says:

    Wow, fantastic. Thank you to the sponsors and thank you to all who are donating. My transaction no. is ON383557029. Two raffle tickets for me.

  48. Belinda says:

    Just donated.
    Transaction # ON383373988 20 Tkts.

    Thanks so much for putting this together.

  49. Lisa W says:

    The Red Cross is an amazing organization.
    My transaction number is ON383127184 for 1 ticket. thank you.

  50. kathie L says:

    thanks for organizing this. I’m an hour and a half from NYC and the Jersey shore. they certainly need your help. I donated $500, and my donation ID was ON383127189.

  51. MelanieO says:

    Thank you so much for organizing this.
    Transaction #ON382536915
    3 tickets

  52. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!

    Transaction: ON382592898
    I donated $10

  53. Laurie says:

    Thanks for putting this together. So well needed. I just donataed $50. My transaction #ON382562478.

  54. Barb in MI says:

    Great idea – I am in. Let’s hope people in the affected areas will be back to a somewhat normal life soon!
    Donated $100 = 10 tix
    Trans act. #ON382367147
    Thanks so much for setting this up!

  55. Jenny Parker says:

    My husband donated at his work so his company would match. He did not get a transaction number, but I have a receipt and the American Red Cross Tracking Number that came on the receipt. If I win, I will provide the receipt to you, and the Red Cross tracking number is 1555-7927-1-5712145-6397886. He gave $100 (which was also matched by his work!), so 10 tickets. Thank you for doing this!

  56. I donated and am happy to help ON382178030

  57. Norma says:

    I have family in NJ and NY and although they are Ok (except still no power) I wanted to donate. This raffle is a great incentive. Thanks a lot to you and your sponsors. I really hope things go back to “normal” soon. My prayers are with them.
    Donated: $50 : 5 entries
    Transaction: ON382108873

  58. Michelle H. says:

    I donated today.

    Transaction#: ON382212475

    2 raffle tickets; I donated $20.

    Thanks for supporting such a wonderful cause. My son lives in Brooklyn, NY and while he suffered no losses & is okay, my heart goes out to all touched by the tragedy.

  59. Pam P says:

    10 raffle tickets, please. Transaction #ON382170051. Best Wishes & Thank You for making it so easy to help!

  60. J.Neal says:

    Put me down for 10 tickets.


  61. Transaction # ON382052638
    $30 – 3 raffle tickets.

    Thanks to all of the generous donations. I’ve share this on my facebook.

  62. Damia says:

    A very generous raffle! “Thank you” to you and your sponsors!

    I gave $70 –> 7 tix
    Transaction #ON381906720

  63. Mallory says:

    What an amazing idea! I planned to donate anyways, but this is great incentive!

    Transaction #:ON381972864
    3 entries

  64. Holli says:

    Thank you for setting this up.

    Transaction No. ON381786363
    $50 – 5 raffle tickets

    Thanks also to all the sponsors of the raffle prizes!

  65. Anna says:

    I’m in NYC and so heartened by fundraising and relief giving efforts big and small. This one combines giving with quilts- wonderful!!

    I gave $75 to the red cross, so I suppose 7 raffle tickets? Transaction #ON381668753

    Thank you for your hard works, Anna

    • Pam says:

      Thank you for doing this and for all the others here who donate in honor of the tragic circumstances of Hurricane Sandy. I donated $50.00 this morning. ON384182807 is the transaction number. Just to let you know I set this up to a reoccurring donation for the next 3 months. We think nothing of spending money on fabric. This money will feed and clothe people! xoxo Pam in Chico

    • Christie says:

      Anna – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7