So here I am scrolling through the small thumbnail photos in the Fabric in Action Flickr pool and I come across a Fabric Shopper first….llamas!  Ashley of Film in the Fridge shares with viewers her quilt made from Laurie Wisbrun fabric.  Is this too cute or what!

A Lovely Llama Quilt by Film in the Fridge

A Lovely Llama Quilt by Film in the Fridge



3 Responses to Llamas!!!!

  1. Christina Lanz says:

    I am looking for material that has llamas on it to make project for Bitter Water Rescue Ranch so that they can raise money to rescue abused and abandoned llamas in Alberta. Where did you find the fabric? Thank you for reading this email

  2. Vicki says:

    OOOh I love this Rosie….I am allowed to put it on my Pinterest board?

    • Christie says:

      Hi Vicki! Rosie hasn’t posted for over six months (can’t believe where the time has gone!!) Planning to post them to pinterest myself, so pin away! :-)