I decided to make a little Valentine decoration today, and really, like many of my projects, I made it up as I went along.

I started with some square scraps of coordinating blue, pink, and red fabric prints.  I wasn’t sure how the music sheets from an old hymnal or the red and pink buttons fit in yet, but I was making it up as I went, remember?
heart garland1

I decided to stabilize the fabric with some light pellon iron on stabilizer.  I just lines up my squares and went to work.  Careful of course not to hit the sticky side with my iron.
heart garland2

Then I just had to cut them apart.
heart garland3
t garland4
I made a heart template the old fashioned way, by folding in half and cutting one side.  Then I traced them onto the backs of the scraps and cut out each heart.
t garland5
t garland6
t garland7
Once they were all cut, I ironed creases down the centers because I knew I wanted a little dimension.  I was imagining them mounted to the front of the sheet music, so I cut squares of those to fit the hearts.
t garland8
Then I picked out a few buttons I likes and thought the baker’s twine would look pretty strung through them.
t garland9
This next section might have been easier if I had a needle that would have been able to fit the baker’s twine.  But I didn’t.  So I had to do it the hard way.  I cut little slits in the centers of the hearts.  Then I strung through one of the button holes.
t garland11
I poked 2 small holes in the middle of the sheet music and threaded the end in from the front and then back in from the other side.
t garland12
Then I just followed through in reverse, taking the string through the fabric and through the empty button hold.
t garland13
t garland14
I tied the strings into a bow on the front of the button and clipped them to length.
t garland16
I repeated with all the remaining hearts.  Once they were all ready, I used a hole punch for 2 the top corners of the sheet music squares.
t garland17
I strung jute twine through the holes, beginning by going into the first heart card from the front.  I just preferred that the jute twine run behind each card and only be visible between each.
t garland18
I continued sliding each down the twine until all of them were on and only then did I trim my twine length.  I always overestimate or underestimate, so if I can wait to cut, I do.
t garland19
Now to find a place to hang them.  I took my pretty blue washi tape with me to use to secure the ends and chose my Pottery Barn pizza palate in my dining room.
t garland20
t garland21
Not much, but sometimes just a little touch of Valentines day is all you need!
t garland22



3 Responses to Playing with fabric ~ my mini fabric heart garland

  1. Debbie says:

    These are so cute and I love the colors.

  2. Paula Yerger says:

    Thanks for sharing….I like your tips and Love your color combination 

  3. melissa says:

    Very nice. Love the colors!
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