I always choose the ironing board or ironing board cover at the store in a natural/cream color.  It’s such a mistake because it looks good for about a week, then the water stains and whatever it is that makes an ironing board look ick begins to appear (what is that stuff? I’m ironing my clean clothes on here, right?)

I love the fabric used on this ironing board cover from Skirt as Top.  It’s fresh and patterned enough that it might look good much longer.  I just wonder, and feel free to let me know what you think or what your experience is,  the tutorial does not mention using fabric that has been pre-washed.  If you choose a fabric with saturated colors, would there be a chance that the moisture and steam would cause the color to transfer?  Something to be cautious of, I guess.

ironing board cover

ironing board cover tutorial from Skirt as Top

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3 Responses to Ironing Board Cover ~ Tutorial Found

  1. kristin says:

    thank you for linking to my tutorial! yes, i always pre-wash my fabric and did with this denyse schmidt for joann fabric before sewing. i’ve now been using it for a few months, and even with my iron on the hottest setting i haven’t had any trouble with colors bleeding. it is a decent-quality fabric, though. wouldn’t go with super cheap stuff. happy sewing!

  2. I have always bought one from the store and it does look bad in a month too! Thank you for this tutorial. I see you used DS fabric. I have that but I’m saving it for what? It would make a pretty ironing board cover and I could enjoy it every day! Thank you again.

  3. Jenn says:

    Great tutorial! I like changing my cover every year or so. I would definitely pre-wash. I use mostly white fabric for my business, so a saturated color that might bleed would be a very bad idea for me.

    I totally agree about the stuff that gets on the ironing board cover though. What is that?