I promised that I would share with you photos from the Giving Workshop that your donations and raffle ticket purchases helped to fund.  It was difficult since our hands were much too busy to spend too much time with a camera, but I got a few photos when I could.

Before the kids arrived I took a photo of the area where the crafts were set for them to choose what they’d like to make.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but there were a number of different types of ornaments, tied fleece pillows, travel cups, mugs, and sippy cups they could decorate, key chain and bracelets, and bubble magnets.  They were allowed to make as many as they wanted.

Then there was the gift shop area.  All of these things were small items that we asked no more than .50 for, and they could choose ornaments, key chains, toys, jewelry, and more.

A couple of guys were kind enough to donate their time to set the mood with guitar music and Christmas carols.  They were wonderful!


The kids chose their craft gifts and came to the tables where we interacted with them, talked to them, asked about who they were making their crafts for, and of course gave a helping hand.

There was a table for them to decorate white bags with stickers, markers, whatever they chose to use as wrapping paper for their gifts.

Around the corner was an area set up with refreshments:  cookies, hot cocoa, coffee, and more.  I didn’t get a photo of that one because I spent most of my time at the craft tables, but kids and parents alike got to enjoy some warm treats on a snowy day.

Families were also given bags of food via a food drive to take home as they left.

Overall it was a very blessed and spirit filled day.  The atmosphere was happy and light, the kids had fun, and we had fun with them.  I know many times, at least for myself, that my heart broke but my spirit was lifted for these angels.

Your donations funded nearly the entire event and for that I am deeply grateful.  Your participation and generous giving humbled me and the other girls in the group asked me to thank you from the bottoms of their hearts as well.

Thank you!

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