I’m going to “sticky” this post so that it remains at the top, and try to go on with regular Fabric Shopper posts.  I admit my focus has been solely focused on the disaster victims.

It’s been very hard to keep up with all the totals so far.  As of today there are almost $2000 in raffle prizes that have been graciously donated by sponsors, designers, shop owners, and pattern makers!  It’s amazing!  And I’ve received emails and comments thanking everyone in the crafting and sewing world that has come together to help get funds to places where their loved ones have been affected by this horrible storm.

You inspire hope in them.

But now there’s a nor’easter set to affect the same area…an area where hundreds of thousands are still without power.

Your donations are astounding and the cause is great, even without the prize incentive.  The east coast needs as much help as we can send.  I have been keeping up with the donations total in the sidebar button.  I hesitate to set a goal, because my thinking is that when caring people come together, the sky’s the limit!

Please donate what you can, and please, PLEASE keep them in your prayers.  Our God is able to do amazing things when we work together!

(please continue to register your donations on the main raffle post so I can keep them all in one place!)



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2 Responses to Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Raffle

  1. Norma says:

    I really wanted to thank you again. I already donated and participated in the raffle. As I write this my daughter still has no power on her place and and is staying at a friend’s since it’s getting cold. My mom, sister and her family drove out of state to stay with my other sister because they have no power either. Yes, I’m grateful that they are OK but these are tough times. The devastation breaks my heart. But as you say here: God does amazing things when we work together.