I think Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney was the first book I read to my son as an infant.  I loved the book long before that however, and it was always on my list of things to give new mothers at baby showers.  Now the beautiful artwork illustrations of Anita Jeram have leaped off the page and onto fabric.  Guess How Much I Love You fabric is perfect for anyone who wants this beautiful message as a theme for their baby’s room.


Guess How Much I Love You Sewing Inspiration


I found the collection first at Chit Chat Fabrics.  Wouldn’t it make a beautiful quilt or crib set?  I would even pop it into some embroidery hoops or other fabric decor to hang on the wall.  You could make burp cloths and receiving blankets.  May I have a do-over please?  Turn back time and use this in my nursery?  No?  Okay, well then use it in yours!  Find the fabric at:

chit chat banner


Blocks in above image are available at Story Book Blocks on Etsy



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