I love the many interpretations of popular fairy tales found on Japanese fabric. Here are only a few of the many that can be found:
My Pictures6
Thumblelina on double gauze fabric, found at Nuno Plus
Alice in Wonderland on double gauze fabric, also found at Nuno Plus
My Pictures7
Little Red Riding on quilting weight fabric, found at SuperBuzzy
Peter Pan on 100% cotton, found at Japan Kawaii Ya
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Cinderella on cotton, found at This and That From Japan
Wizard of Oz on cotton/linen blend, also found at This and That From Japan
How would you use these delightful fabrics?
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4 Responses to Fairy Tale Fabric from Japan

  1. alicia, children’s skirts?!? i need skirts in those fabrics for ME ME ME!!


    • rosie says:

      hehehe….. I knew you’d like those, Tara! You know you can always add to my stash ;-0 and a skirt will magically appear!

  2. Alicia says:

    Oh my! You could make some super cute children’s skirts out of those fabrics.

    • rosie says:

      You are so right, Alicia! Of course, you’d want a matching border on one of your lovely skirts as well! Confess all :-)