Okay, here’s one I’ve never seen before, but it seems like such an amazing idea that I definitely wanted to pass it along!  I’m not sure what it’s called, as it appears that the language is in German (is that right?  Any German speakers out there? Or anyone who could correct me if I’m wrong?)  I found this in the Fabric in Action Flickr Pool, but if you link from there to her blog, you will see the versatility of this little creation.  You will no longer search for a way to stabilize a camera for a perfect photo!

bohnensack"stativ" by MIZOAL.kk

bohnensack"stativ" by MIZOAL.kk



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One Response to Daily Sewing Inspiration

  1. hamamama says:

    Hallo, I’m a silent reader of your blog, which I enjoy very much. Keep going, please! I love it.
    Being a German wife of a Japanese living in Yokohama, I can offer you any assistance needed in translating these languages.
    “Bohnensack” means bean bag, as simple as it is.
    But you’re right, it’s a great idea.
    Best wishes,