Imagine an outdoor color palette growing lush and blooming, and softened by blue and green fabric prints.  I was catching up on a couple of BHG magazines today and found myself falling in love with image upon image of outdoor living spaces.  Patios, porches, and decks surrounded by the season’s most vibrant greens and splashed with navy and other coordinating blues for the soft surfaces.

I already have beautiful white pillows that are climbing with navy and portabello tan floral print on one side and the same colors in stripes on the other side.  What I want to do is bring those colors up to the top of my table or my side table by way of dishes, place mats, and planters.  The navy and white transferware looking planters would be gorgeous.  I have to find some to add to this post…hang on a sec…oh, wait, while I’m looking for some photos, check out the inspiration board! Notice how beautiful the eclectic look of the blue and green fabric patterns work together!


blue and green fabric


First I went to Pottery Barn because they have gorgeous outdoor furniture spaces and stage it all so well!

Pottery Barn in Blue

Looking for something a little less expensive? Then you must look for the accessories at Ikea! Especially if you already have great furniture choices. I have an Ikea table and I LOVE it! Especially when it is decorated with my pillows and white planters!

Ikea in Blue

Love the look that the blue gives to the backyard?  Swap out the green or add red and white and you will impress with your Independence Day backyard decor!

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