Christie2 I love fabric. I love color, pattern, texture, and design. I love to shop.

That’s why I’m very excited to be your next fabric shopper!

After teaching kindergarten for 7 years, becoming a stay at home mom left me yearning for a creative outlet. Due to our proclivity for moving every few years, my passion for interior design was born not only from my deep, growing interest but also from necessity! It was through my design and decorating experiences that I discovered the brave new world of contemporary fabric design.

From there, the pieces all fell into place: stay at home with my son, drool over beautiful fabric, open a fabric shop, and maybe even teach myself how to sew!

Though the next chapter of my life has already seen the untimely closing of my fabric shop, my need to shop for beautiful fabrics is nowhere close to being extinguished. That’s why I’m thrilled to be part of The Fabric Shopper! I’ll find all the latest fabric collections and patterns from all your favorite designers and tell you when they’re available and where you can find them.

I hope you enjoy shopping with me!
christie.fabricshopper [at!]




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